FREE Google Recaptcha For Magento2


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Extension adds Google reCaptcha to any form on your website as well as lets you protect your store from spam and frauds.
Sometimes your customers find it disturbed to submit form with hard-to-see Captcha code, and our FREE Google Recaptcha For Magento2 is an useful solution as it helps to replace default Captcha code with Google Recaptcha.
Google reCAPTCHA reduces potential user’s error when entering a series of letters and numbers, and encourages cart conversion without adding hurdles during checkout.
Download at: Advanced Newsletter for Magento 2


  • Disable/Enable in backend
  • Can add reCaptcha to any form on front-end
  • Two types of reCaptcha: “Invisible Captcha” and “I’m not robot”
  • Supported for multiple languages
  • Option for light theme and dark theme
  • Option to add reCaptcha for Guest only
  • Add Whitelist Ips to disable reCaptcha
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