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Hi guys,

I have recently taken over the management and redesign of my company website, and I'd like to get your feedback and suggestions before I plough on.
Some details:

The Website:

Site CMS:
It's a wordpress site.

User Goals (next 2 - 3 months):

  1. Encouraging game developers to sign-up as Beta-testers for the game authoring software we're developing
  2. Encourage site visitors to 'Like' our Facebook page
  3. Design a visually strong header and footer that will display on each page

Branding Elements:

  • The company is called Zoodazzle, there is a logo on the site for your reference.
  • The software we're developing is GameCarver. Logo on the site for this, there are a couple versions of this.
  • Black/gray/Orange - this is the palette we're working with.

Your Feedback:

  1. First impressions
  2. Ease of navigation - please highlight areas of confusion, or areas you think work well
  3. Gut feeling feedback - off the top of your head, what one or two changes would improve ascetics and usability for your immediately
  4. Images within the content of the site - do they tie in with the site? Help create a cohesive experience or do some jar with others?
  5. Social media - How to encourage people to connect with us from the site, without being annoying!
  6. Fonts
  7. Anything else that crosses your mind that I didn't refer to here?

I appreciate your feedback on any one (or more) of the feedback points above.



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Looks really good! I'm just packing and heading away tomorrow but I'll take a look from the hotel. But this looks very good
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