Gauging Print Ad Success?

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I know there are ways of tracking print ads using special telephone numbers and coupon codes, but if you don't have either of those at your disposal, what methods can you use?

We just ran a full page in a magazine and I'm trying to think of ways to track its success (or failure)


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I can not see how you are going to do that if you didn't mention a special number or a coupon id, unless the caller mention the add itself - "I found your number in such magazine".


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Good question Michele, when you are spending a few 1000 on a advert you want to see if its worth running again

I might pissed people off with this post but here it goes, I find the ICT magazines in Ireland anyway crap with no return what so ever, I ran a 8k campaign the end of last year and had a way to track it and very little came back off it. (new brand with a new site) a voip service for another company.

I also have watch some hosts run huge campagins with little to no growth in their market share. I dont like wasting money so dont plan on spending money in this area again.

I do use some UK magazines which do offer a good return with the same sort of content I ran in Ireland.


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You could use a special tracking url like mentioned above it is probably the easiest way to track it. However if you have tech savy users they are most likely to leave out the /magazine name, unless it leads to some sort of promotion page.
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