Getting Up Seraching Engine List, help a dummie!!!

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I need to get some Dummies advice about how to get a web site up the serach engines on google.

Now I set up a google ad word for my site, there is not much demand in the keyword, so it is cheap (not that I know much about this either).

But what puzzels me is how to get on to the 1st page.

I submitted my site about 2 weeks ago, using free submit on google.

One thing I did, was put the URL on my signature on a few web forums I am part of, where I post alot....I think this helps?

Any other basic tips etc.

I am quite confused.

I have Perry Marshall google ad words book, but have to read it yet.

I am not very good with computers and I want to learn to do this myself.

Somone offered to charge me a fortune to serach engine rank it, but this site is not really a money making one...its for a self defence club, I am involved in.

I saw on that they have a software program, the will submit to all serach engines for you for 9 this worth it, or would it make a difference???




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Hi Rollo

Thanks for reply.

I live between Ireland and Thailand...joys of modern VOIP communication etc.!

So I am trying to get this url I have to change my web site from ireland related content to Thai info which will be done in a few weeks.

In meantime I cost like 0 - cents to set it up as an add word on Google (Just targeting thailand google ). under

So main URL is and also these link to it now I also have the following which all point to same site (these are my main 2 I want to marktet) and also I have again point on godaddy to my site
I set as ad word on Google ( only for thailand) and as there is to little competiton, I did it to learn and experiement even though I did not change site to reflect Thailand. (I know tha sounds stupid but i was bored over xmas when home visitng the parents LOL!).

I have manually added all URLS to google and yahoo and MSN using free submit. and to some thai search engine too.

Now I know most of my people will come from off line marketing like local news paper, flyers, and referrals, but I do not want to ignore the www either! Plus I might put a page on that site linking to amazon to sell a few self defence DVDS and books a little later.

See in Google if you type in self defence, all sorts of non related sites come up. so I want to be up the rankings.

What about these software companies you find in asia for cheap prices say they can submit your site to 100s of SEO globally?

Then the other question is...if I put up a links page with a heap of links to other self defence schools buddies have in ireland and other countires...does that help too?

Now I went into to google web master ( a web of confusion) and got this...




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Funny that, I'm also between Thailand and Ireland :)

Keep away form the low-cost #1 position promisers - just con jobs IMO.

Pop me a PM and I might be able to give you some pointers.

I presume you're in Pattaya? I dont think that the SE stuff is very big yet for Thai audience, but I suppose if you are targeting the farang then it might be useful. Shoot me PM and I'll try to help you out a little :)
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