Google Ad Manager - Anyone used it?

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Hi All,

I'm need an easy-to-use solution which will allow me to manage banners on on of my sites. I've got a number of different arrangements in progress, including CPMs, affiliate stuff, and swaps.

I'm thinking of using Google Ad Manager, but I can't find any decent reviews. Anyone here using it? Or do you have another recommendation?

Thank you in advance!

Maximise :)


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yes I use admanager, its quite good (a bit confusing at first, I have to admit)

I used to use openx, but this is handy as you dont have to mantain own server cutting on costs (ads for 2million impressions a day), and less things running == more security for my machines

I recommend watching the tutorials (the nurdy american accent in them is weird) as it explains alot

I have several adnetworks, direct advertisers and affiliates allocated thru it,
I try make heavy use of the geo partitioning

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