Google - Analytics / 4 websites but need different credit card details

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I have 4 websites - All are on my one gmail e-mail address. So 4 websites within my analytics panel.

here's the thing - I only have one adwords account? Is this right because I need to have different credit card details for each website...

*Also same applies to Adsence. (need 4 credit card details)

Can this be done?


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AFAIK you can only have one Google AdWords account per mail address (it doesn't have to be a GMAIL address) / Google Account. I don't use GMail but I have 3 Google accounts, each with their own e-mail address. In your Google AdWords Account, you can have multiple domains/websites and connect them to your Analytics account.


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Possibly overcomplicated solution if you want to keep them all separate:
1) Set up a gmail address for each website
2) Convert your adwords account to an MCC account *
3) Set up an adwords account for each of the website gmail address, but link it into your MCC account so you can run everything from there.

If you ever need to pass on the adwords account to someone else to manage you just give them that google account and unlink it from your MCC.

*Google for it, it's a bit fiddly, you basically:
- set up a new google account
- transfer your existing adwords account to it
- delete adwords on your original account
- register for adwords MCC on the original account
- and finally link from the new account to the MCC account)
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