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Hi all, I'm a total newcomer to this forum and I wonder if anyone can help me. I have my online website up and running for over a year and I now understand how important it is to have the seo's and backlinks to my site. As my budget is limited I have opted to try and take on this task myself :05.18-flustered: can anyone suggest as to where I start? is there free software out there that would be good to help me?

Many thanks



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Dont use software, write guest posts and submit articles to directories with your link in them, Google wont like it if you automate your links.


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There is no software for that. If you use software for SEO you are going to lose your existing traffic!
Every website and business need different kind of SEO and back-link promotion strategies, since we don't know anything about your biz it's hard to say what you need.
Anyway here is some standard places for back-links:

Guest Post
Web 2.0
Article Directory
Social BL
Thats the thing about seo, its is totally do-able on a limited budget but you have to be willing to put in the time and effort into it, you will want to make sure all your posts and articles have good (original) content.


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I have to disagree with some of the above posts with respect.

I have used link building software and it has gotten some great results.

There obviously is a low of spammers out there but if you get the right guy to do it, it can be very effective and time saving.

Matt O

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I'm not sure bout any software but after watching a webinair about backlinking i started posting on some relevant blogs for backlinking. These blogs have to related to your own site from what i gather. The advice i was given was over the space of a month make 2-3 comments on different blogs/domains building upto 50 in your 1st month slowly. Doing your backlinks any quicker can result in red flags been raised with google specially for new sites.

I've also a question i hope it's ok asking as it's related.... after posting a comment on relevant site i ended up getting 1200 nofollow backlinks from the 1 comment question is will this hurt my site? If anyone knows bit about this would be appreciated thanks.:single_eye:


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Just bear in mind that you pay is what you get in terms of quality/results
Be openminded and try to use tools that at the end of the day will help you have the data that you need.
Some good and efficient tools:
WebSEO Analytics - Link tools --> Link tools
Raven tools --> Backlink explorer --> Backlink explorer


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I have to disagree with some of the above posts with respect.

I have used link building software and it has gotten some great results.

There obviously is a low of spammers out there but if you get the right guy to do it, it can be very effective and time saving.

I'm totally with you on this chief. There is nothing wrong with using SEO tools if what you produce is not spammy. It's just a tool and like anything else, it can be used badly or well. When I first started in SEO, in my innocence, I spammed the hell out of my sites, some did well, some got nowhere. Never lost a site though. My suggestion is, yes, use software but use it wisely.


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Hi there,

So I have been scoping out this forum for a few months and I think it's time I jump in and start helping people.

If you wish to build backlinks you need to do it wisely. Since Google brought in the Penguin and Panda updates it is no longer easy to just go and build thousands of backlinks and expect to rank. You need to use the 40 40 20 rule... 40% keyword anchor text links,40% click here , etc links and 20% naked links.

People above have spoke about guest posts. Yes these can work at times, but people in Ireland are so far behind when it comes to SEO. Google "Social signals" or social SEO. I guarantee I can out rank anyone in their own niche in 30-60 days by doing he right" stuff.


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I new with seo
In 6 moths I get 1k backlinks ,all manullay ,without any software.
I use ;
website directories
Prasell pages
I create many free blogs/sites ,all very simple contains few my articles + backlinks
5-6 anchors are on first position in google

If you still dont know where get backlinks -check similar sites :) using backlink checker like majestick seo
good luck


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I have never used SEO tools to build links, but I have used software to find good websites I could get links from.

For example, I would make a list of competitors for my biggest keywords, analyze their backlinks with SEO Spyglass and pick out the sources I could tap into realistically.

Spyglass also lets you research several competitors at once, which is good for squeezing out high PR backlink sites from the entire pool at once, because some competitors might have some backlinks in common (sometimes the overlap is quite impressive).


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Contrary to what many believe, automatic tools will not hurt your site, if you know what you are doing and how to use it effectively without spamming.


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Slowly but better way to build backlinks

1) Optimizing content for "SEO".
2) Introduction new information, taking care of life and the quality of service.
3) Natural methods of promotion (forums, usenet).
4) The test statistics, traffic sources, competition.
5) Selection of the optimal phrases.
6) Slowly add to directory services ,niche directories.
7) Moderate use of link exchange.
8) Exchange links with friends.
9) Public Relations (if we can write something interesting).

Faster but not "safe" way;
and many more..:)


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Defo stay away from software - linkbuilding or SEO os a marathon not a sprint...think about building your "brand" create good content on your site, build up a good twitter following, use Web 2.0 like hubpages, squidoo'll get there but it defo takes time...
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