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First thing i have install vQmod twice, after that i was unable to add products etc. so I was clear vqmodcash, and try to delete vqmod and replace index.php file from other opencart script , dyt new file index.php was feom script with vqmod installed, all wasnt working properly , what is obvious, so after this i restore all ( before i made any changes i made backup) and still mess, i have no HTML knowledge , wat i like to do is uninstall script and do it again, only question is how can i copy all product descriptions, photos , category descriptions, and maybe can i use all stylesheet from existing script? Maybe i should install on my computer something like server and any feature changes try in this place before i made them online? Thanks for any help.


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Is there any way for you to rollback to a working version ie. from backups?

Once you have a working version online then you'd be able to work on making any changes you need, but you'd have a functioning site ..

What happened to whoever developed the site in the first instance?
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