Hi Guys, yet another newbie!

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Hi Everyone,
Im new on this site in my own person (before I was sent to find out new ideas by employers), so hopefully ya'll welcome me!

Basically I'm 18, I attempt to design websites, I develop mainly accessible(ish) websites, and love to learn new tricks of the trade, etc. I am a lover of CSS is that helps (I managed to get my head around DIVs about two years ago and havent looked back).

More than willing to dispense conservative advice, but admittably, I cannot design for love nor money :rolleyes:

Hope you all enjoy another member, finally liberated. I'm thinking of setting up a biz soon. The last few things I was involved in, I really didn't have my heart in them at all!

Best Wishes,


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Hi Bryan,

I too like to design, and im not half bad if I do say so myself,
If you need any advice, please feel free to ask...

You are 18 now, and learned DIVS 2 yrs ago...at the age of 16?
Wow, impressive! Im working with them about 1yr now.

Word of advice, check your code in different browsers/versions, CSS does cause some issues... Most common browsers ti check with are IE 7,6 & Firefox...I wonder what googles new browser is like?



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Hi unrealindeed,

Googles new browser, Chrome is great in general, certainly more functional than searching, but I still love my FF add-ons too much to ditch them.

Yea CSS can be a bit of a pain, once you think of DIVs at boxes, building pages is easy enough. Fixed width layouts and floated divs are the easiest way, can't wait for CSS 3.0 - lot's of promises, certainly specific tags such as <header> <footer> instead of <div id="header"> will clean up code a bit and hopefully, IE 9 (by that stage probably), will consider it important.

I heard a little bit in .NET this month about websites working exclusively with FF and Safari/ similar browsers, ditching IE 6 entirely. It would be nice if MS actually distributed atleast IE7 with new PC's though. Got a nice little Netbook, and who would've guessed, IE 6 installed, right pain it is too! - Thankfully FF works a wonder!



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Hey Byron, nice to see someone being so pro-active in the boards - keep it up!

I think the other post will have something smarter to say as soon as he can post links. Even though this board does have nofollows to discourage and Google has confirmed it does obey them....although, I'm not so sure ..... and have been experimenting on some other sites (where I'm sure nobody else is posting anchor text too!)
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