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  1. costuk123

    costuk123 New Member

    I am thinking of going on holiday in August time and don't know where I should go. Any Suggestions?
  2. vo4u

    vo4u New Member

    You should go Spain as it is nice weather and just a nice place to visit.
  3. drilling123

    drilling123 New Member

    I think you should go to Egypt as they have great waters, the weather is nice and it has lots of places which you can visit.
  4. prakashero

    prakashero New Member

    Come To Nepal

    If you are planning to spend your holiday, you can visit Nepal, one of the South Asian Country. It is naturally beautiful and must visit country. You can find biodiversity, different geographical phenomena here. It is also quite cheap to visit.
  5. calimaxlegal

    calimaxlegal New Member

    you should go to France.........
    that's a lovely country to visit...
    you will enjoy there definitely...

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