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Hi All,

Looking for a bit of advice. During my college days I was asked to set up a couple of websites for various people. Recently one of these people "Ted" approached me with an issue with his site. He had lost access to his domains and the associated hosting. He had entered into an operation with a group of individuals and apparently there was some disagreement (alleged financial irregularities etc) so they went their separate ways.

Now the Hosting and domain names werre purchased with me sitting next to him using this personal credit card. (we use my email and phone, his personal address and name). The account creation asked for an account name and with my understanding at the time for a .ie we needed a company name. So one of the individuals involved, who had experience in setting up companies, set one up and provided my with the company details. (lets say

I used the name of this company as the account name, all the other details related to Ted, his name, address payment details etc.

So I contact the Hosting company to see what was going on. The person who had set up the ltd company has decided to go it alone and has asked the hosting company for access to the site. I'm now locked out the the sites, the emails and the whois information has been changed. All of this without any consultation with me or Ted.

Now we have exchanged emails at length and have gotten to the stage of the hosting company claiming they have followed all thier procedures (no indication of what these are) and are now refusing to engage with me, threatening me with legal action if i continue with this) I'm at a total loss how the hosting company has just given away the domains and the hosting that Ted has paid for.

Has anyone experience of this issue before or advise on how I can resolve this matter. I have a limited understanding of these but my understanding was there are dispute procedures and you cant just kick someone off a set of domains and their hosting account.

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