how i include a table in multiple sites?

Discussion in 'HTML Basics' started by sooraj, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. sooraj

    sooraj New Member


    I have multiple of websites. I want to include an html table in every footer of those sites. The table code is in a file located on another site.
    All sites are php.

    I want this so that I can modify the table from one file instead of having to modify it mutiple times.

    Is that possible ? And how can I do it ?

    Give any best idea which is helpful for me.

    Thank you.

  2. sooraj

    sooraj New Member

    I have put the table code in a file

    Then I used the following function:

    <?php include(""); ?>

    in every site's footer.

    when i do that its not work and i did not know what to do.

    what would i do now?

    help me
  3. oliflorence

    oliflorence New Member

    An iFrame is probably the only solution, you can't pull an include file from another domain.
    Be aware thus that iframes are not ideal for SEO

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