How many of you guys work from Home?

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At the moment I'm kinda finding I'd like to work in an office ... away from home ... maybe with other companies ...

Cabin Fever I think is kicking in ... :eek:

seeing the snow there Paul all I can think is I want to move :D


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I've done both and I can't help feeling that a combination of the two would be best. 3 days at home and 2 at an office would be ideal for me. Being at home is more productive but after about 2 months I get stir crazy and need to bounce ideas around with someone. I also love to get some geek-speak in to get me excited about all the possibilities out there and to find out about changes in the industry that I might have missed at home. Great forums like this do help though.

Sinead Hanley

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I work from home and find it great - it has its advantages and disadvantages - the main disadvantage for me is getting new clients - anyone have any ideas???


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I have worked at home > office > bigger office > garage and now back home again. It works really well as a student, as I can work late into the night, without worrying about having to drive home, etc.

I generally meet clients at their workplace, or the local high end pub. Hotels are also useful, thankfully people respect design skill over flash offices most of the time.

@Sinead - contacts are key, pester them within reason, offer referral bonuses off future work, I have only gotten four clients who wasn't a time waster by email! (which I know is shocking)!


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I work from home and find it great - it has its advantages and disadvantages - the main disadvantage for me is getting new clients - anyone have any ideas???
Yes stop copying content off other peoples websites. You've got paragraphs of text and images lifted straight off of our website. sheesh


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I love the freedom of working at home but I think you have to be a disciplined person. And if people call round for a coffee and a chat it is hard to try and make it clear that really you should be working...


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Well,fair play to her for at least taking it down LOL

I work from home but have been thinking an office would be nice for part of the time if I can find something for the right price.The cabin fever does get a bit intense sometimes especially as I live alone with no neighbours closer than 500 yards.My dining room table is my worktop for my saws and polishers (I work with meteorites) and I just need more room for the comps and printers,dymo labeller,notebooks etc.Hope you don't mind the link,take it out if it's an issue
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plenty of pros of course working from home especially the view


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Working from Home

After working in Government and Corporate for over thirty years; and being a programmed nine to fiver; plus much after hours work (as I was an engineer), I enjoy working from home.

I have turned my rumpus room, which is downstairs from my living, into my office and work area; developed a routine and wouldn't have it any other way. There is no way that I could ever work for someone else again nor could I work in a corporate office. Working from home rulz!

John :cool:


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I work from home - have done for last year. Done it before from 2000 - 2006.

Definitely need your own office, which I have. Upside no commute. Downside no commute. I liked to walk downtown, it was "me" time, got to think, look around, listen etc

Other downside is lack of interaction with people - when you're busy, you put your head down and you possibly don't leave the house for days.

My ideal would be a nice office at end of the garden. And working for myself. Even though I'm working from home, I am an employee.

I think my wife would like me to have a job in an office out of the house though :)
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