How to Integrate Adsense with Analytics

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1. Log-in to Google AdSense and you should see a link "Integrate your AdSense account with Google Analytics". Click the link.
2. You will see a bunch of code snippets which you are asked to insert into your pages where you run AdSense and Analytics. You need to place this code above your AdSense and your Analytics code on the page. It is not necessary to insert this code onto your primary domain you defined for the linking. (You can access the code later on from Google Analytics, by clicking "Edit AdSense linking settings" on the overview page.)
3. Now google will check your site and wait until it actives.
4. If it has been actived, log-in to Google Analytics. Select your site, click Content -> AdSense. You should see the revenues for the last time period as well as the top pages when it comes to ad revenues. Click on "Add to Dashboard" for both the AdSense Overview page as well as the "Top AdSense Content" page.
5. You now have the info on your dashboard.
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