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The wife is away for the week, it is now Thursday and I have been out of the house once each day to get those dam cigarettes from the shop. Now if I just bought a few packets at a time it would be Thursday and I would not have left the house since Sunday.

Really between Monday and Friday I am a recluse - at least at the weekends I get out hillwalking, a real raver!

I just came back from the shop and I realised while there I would have been happy to stand and keep talking to the shop assistant for 10 minutes. I am people deprived... you sad git.

It has been a great week though - two sites I have been working on have come into the first page and the numbers have jumped - good to see the work paying off. But all week I have been sitting here in front of my beautiful machine from about 8am till midnight - having a good break for my evening meal and everything else eaten or drunk sitting here.

When I wake in the mornings I have my coffee with a laptop on my knees reading the stats from yesterday - I've done that for the last two years - on holiday I wonder what to do with myself for the first few days and I am sure I have withdrawal symptoms - we are off to Canada for three weeks in a couple of months and the main thing on my mind is do I buy an Apple while I am there...

There is no hope.


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Realised today ... I've been in Dublin 2 - 3 weeks now ? ... and what have I done with other people .. not a hell of a lot ...


ok I talk to a fair few customers on the phone every day :) ... but not exactly friends as well apart from one or two.

Do I go out ... not really ... Tesco / centra don't really count .... I also realised ... I don't think I've been out in dublin by myself (this evening as I jumped on the bus into town ... I realised the last time I was in dublin alone was about 3 - 4 years ago) ... DAMN .... thats just scary :D

I think its the dilema of the "freelancer" though ... a lot of us are in the same boat .... join a club ... (do something) ... at the moment I'm trying to find a few people for pétanque (boules) in and around dublin ... :) had a lot of fun in galway over a beer or two .. and pétanque :)


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Hi Camino,

I know how you feel.
Nowadays I've left the 100+ hour weeks behind to something a little bit more normal.
Maybe you should think about outsourcing some of your work or developing a network of specialists that you can rely on.


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Micky - make hay and all that sh*t - seo business is crap (business through the floor) and I am building my own sites, have tried the outsource route a few times and paid for quite bad writing - it often seems like an attractive route but the sites that do well are the ones I write myself - I want three of me!

And hey, I have a lunch with a human planned for today, cool.


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I hear you Camino! If the girlfriend hears me tapping on the laptop one more time while shes asleep next to me in bed, I'll be waking up with 2 black eyes.:) It's like a compulsion to be on the internet, whether its work or research, 24/7, laptop, blackberry or I've even found in shopping centres I like to use the kiosks to see if anything has changed in the serps! Nerd, Uber Geek, call me what you want but I do have one redeeming thing in all this and thats the missus. She kicks me in the arse and makes sure I get out to socialise and get a bit of sunlight on my face!

On the outsourcing thing, it took me a while outsourcing copywriting until I found one whoose copywriting I'm happy with. It's usually $20 to rewrite a 500 word page or $100 to write a 1000 word sales page. A bit expensive compared to the standard $5 you'd pay in outsourcing to india but still cheaper than here and the quality is consistant.

At the beginning, it was like there was 3 of me doing everything, design, content, seo and sales. It's taken a year and a half to put the right relationships in place to outsource certain aspects like content writing, link building etc but it can be done.

I still get the odd rush of panic would somebody elses work be up to my standard. Then I have to look at the life/work balance and realise it's worth it. Whoose going to remember in 100 years?


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Hi there I am new, and saw this thread and felt like I wasn't alone :D I was happy today because I spent the entire weekend online working.
Today a bit of snow/rain, I came home and started posting to blogs and then checked the email..and 3 hours later I looked up.
So, whether your are in Ireland, or Vancouver Canada, it is about the same:eek::eek:
Cheers Mary
(Hey, but I got a cheque from Google, 111.39. That is about .06 cents an hour)


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Haha Fair Play marylane.

I seem to just work work work, go out with my friends get drunk, regret it until midday, when I work solid again until 9pm, ah 3 hours in already!
Sun hols

It's great to know there are some kindred spirits out there, thought I was the only one. I'm just back from a sun holiday for a week and I managed to sneak some computer/biz books into the luggage.

Although it might have looked as though I was sunbathing, I was really planning my strategies and building an empire in my head. But for the fact that I jumped up every now and again to write notes, no one would have guessed.

I use to think sun holidays weren't for me, but turns out I love them!


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Life as an SEO

I have enjoyed reading through the posts in this forum. Great seeing that it is not just me that is working all hours of the day and night.

We have the same issues of getting balance.

My first wife of 16 years didn't like my hours, and that rather sux. But my new darling is an ambulance officer and she has night shift, so I work her hours on occasions.

Outsourcing is certainly something that is good, but it is hard getting people that have the same dedication and attention to detail. Been through a few people.

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Outsourcing is certainly something that is good, but it is hard getting people that have the same dedication and attention to detail. Been through a few people.

Yeah I really agree, and a lot of the time if there isn't enough trust there, the micro-managing of the project could even take up more than it would have initially! That's the nature of the business though!
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