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Why not take a minute to introduce yourself?

NB: Please do not spam the forum with links :)


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Greetings All,

I'm John, link builder by trade, learning SEM and PPC (correction... struggling, crawling, confuse).
That's why I am expanding my resources in learning SEM and PPC.
Thanks for accepting me.


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Hi I am Axe Colver from the US, I'm new here and looking forward to share and ask for great idea especially in SEO Internet marketing. I do love SEO work with latest updates today! Hope I can find here useful tips and share my strategy as well, Bdw I also love to play the piano, watch movies, visit museums, travel with friends, go hiking, and make chain mail and other wire or beaded jewelry. Looking forward to knowing you all and exchange idea.


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Hi I am a web designer, web developer, and SEO experts living in the United States. My interests range from photography to design. I am also interested in outdoors. Hope we can share Ideas especially in SEO Advertising latest update today. Thanks!


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A writer by day and a reader by night. I love to write articles when I have a Starbucks coffee on my side :) Yes, I am a certified coffee addict but in a nice way. I can write passionately when I have the coffee aroma by my side. I am more interested to write about SEO Digital Marketing updates. I also love to swim and bike. When I'm not doing any of my writing tasks, I love to try new things.


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Hi I am a designer, small business owner, and photographer currently living in the United States. My interests range from technology to innovation. I am also interested in Search Engine Digital Marketing and Web Development as it so demands today. Hope I can share ideas and gain also more ideas here. Thanks


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Hello! I am new here and I am glad to be part of here, I like Internet Marketing, Web Development, and Web Design. I love Blogging about SEO and Internet Marketing Google Updates. Looking forward to exchange ideas. Thanks
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