Is there still a use for incorrect spelling pages

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Hi all,

A general question that relates to SEO. Does anyone still use pages designed to catch incorrect spellings from search queries, given that the search engines actually catch most misspellings and automatically display what it believes the user wants but typed incorrectly.
Also how does Google especially look at this from an SEO stand point? As there appears to be different information in relation to this matter so I'd just like to ask for the expert opinions here.




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Interesting question.
I'd love to know what the SEO experts think :)


There used to be a bit of an advantage, until Google started looking at reading level and text quality. Google has a pretty good idea when a word, especially a dictionary one, is spelt correctly or incorrectly. Too many mispelled words, and you can imagine, your content will be labelled as having a lower quality.


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I agree with Graham, after panda / penguin, content, keyword and title are matched to higher SERP. if you spell (sepll and sellp instead of spell) then surely you wont get further.

If you do your SEO correctly, your SERP will be higher for close matches also but if you dont then even for correctly spelled keywords wont get you anywhere.


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Not just mis-spelling, but derivatives of words. The classic whiskey/whisky. The first the Irish spelling of the product, the second the Scottish/American version. So, here are the estimated keyword traffic for each per month globally

Irish whiskey90500
Irish whisky74000

On that basis, you'd have to make allowances for the American spelling of the product.


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So pretty and fast work you have done..
I like the idea and way to perform. I'll follow in future. Saved this thread link to help me in future.. Thanks..


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Whereas ‘misspelled words’ may have gone the way of the Dodo, I do agree that there can be a big market between American and British English. Sometimes the Americans will ‘accidently’ spell things a certain way that is considered ‘wrong’ by their standards, but it could still net some decent traffic despite the fact that the actual use of the word is wrong in that situation.
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