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Hi Everybody,

I run "Jewellery Shop Online" - it is a costume/designer online jewellery store.

Some of our designers include Lola Rose, Fiorelli and Krystal London jewellery - that are up to 20% less than high street shops.

We have also introduced "VIP home viewings" for all you busy ladies within the Leinster area. Our jewellery has been featured on RTE, Xpose and many others.

Appreciate your thoughts! hope you enjoy looking around
Look forward to chatting with you.


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Thats the address I saw alright, Is this the web design house doing the work for you?

Web Design | Website Design | Manchester Web Design | EkmWebDesign

In terms of the design, I'm not too keen on the black/purple combination. It's a little harsh on the eyes, Also the rollover to purple on the navbar is hard to read.

That said, it's a professional looking site, but considering you had a large-ish English company do it, it probably cost a few bob anyway!

Good luck with the business!


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Hi Susan,

Not sure what you want to be reviewed? as it just seems that you've stuck up a ready made template? Nothing really great or unique about it at all.
Hi Pixelcraft,

I am new to this forum and I wanted to get other peoples views on my site. I personally think the design on my site is very good and wanted to know other peoples thoughts about the layout, navigation etc.

I appreciate "your" thoughts on the fact that you think my site is just a basic template - there has been a lot of work and effort gone into the design/layout etc although you are entitled to your opinion.

Regards, Susan


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I wasn't being critical, didn't offer any design opinions at all, it is a template though isn't it? Offense wasn't intended, just querying that fact?


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Wow, a very cool looking website. I love the pink and black offset, and the quality pictures.

You have a great meta title, and I see those words in the content

However, I would personally try and put the opening paragraphs higher in the content - you have the h1 right at the top, but then just have the short paragraph "elegant jewellery from...". Would it be possible to fit in the search phrases from your title there? Have a bit more height on the head section, and have a paragraph including "elegant jewellery from... Costume Jewellery and Designer Jewellery in Ireland"...

Having that phrase on every page is also not the best. I would have it as text on the home page, including additional search phrases, then have the one line "elegant jewellery..." as a graphic on the other pages. Helps make the text unique for the home page..

Links links and more links are then what is required. It is a hard slog, but worth it.

The sentences on your home page that contain the search phrases are actually on each of your pages :( It is rather important that the sentences that include the search phrases for a page, are unique to that page.

You have the issue of using non unique text - put the following search into Google = in quotes "Elegant Jewellery from around the World" - 2740 instances of it, even when you are top, you could be suffering a penalty regarding your use of the words. And 1.2 million instances of the phrase "Designer Jewellery, Silver Jewellery". You really need to dream up something more unique to have as a meta description. When I make clients metas and opening paragraphs unique, they generally rank a lot higher once Google recaches the page.

You have done an amazing job at categorisation, and seo of your product pages. But you still need a little attention to detail. ie neither the lola rose flower pebble bracelet, nor lola rose bracelet phrases - those exact phrase are not on that page (apart from the h1).
Hello Searchmasters,

Thank you SO much for your feedback it is really appreciated. I completely agree with most of your comments and I do need to work on quite a few elements on my site.

I am currently doing all my own SEO along with link building and it is such hard work although I have some fantastic links so far as we have been featured by Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire magazine to name but a few so I am getting there.

It's great you have taken the time out to let me know exactly what would improve my site as I am no expert on this subject. I will go through your list over the next month and hopefully see a huge improvement :D

Once again "thank you" for your advice.


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I so seldom see a website as well SEO'ed as yours. It takes a bit of thought to see what potential issues could be.

SEO consultancy becomes that much harder.


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bidz .com

Hi have you seen

My back ground is Jewellery. from Casting too Making to Selling.
very competative Market.
Viral advertising is the way. discounts Bonuses.

it is amazing how cheep it is to make jewellery from scratch and how much more fun it is.


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This is an awesome site I got a Wii fit for Nothing.

not all people agree with the way the bidding works but I love it.
afterall i got a wii fit for nothing.


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The graphic design of the site isnt bad. Would work better as white site because your jewelery is photographed against white backgrounds.

Everything else is straight down the line Oscommerce template (fact not opinion) with not much modifications apart from the colors. Its everything you need. Oscommerce is a good enough platform.
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