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Pavel Burminsky

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We havefinished redesign of our corporate site and now we would like to know your honest opinion about it. What do you like,and what not? On the front page there is a picture of one of ouroffice rooms and in the center of it we placed a red button. If youpush it - the room changes a little (mirror ball, jacuzzi and pictureappear). What do you think of that? It looks funny, but we don't want our potential clients to think that we have fun instead of working there.Should we keep it, or better remove? And also there is a problem thatvisitors just don't understand that the red button works. Do you haveany advices on how to make it more obvious for them? And what do youthink of the whole design of our site?

Thanks foryour help.


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I really like it. I really do. But - I think there's so much more that you can do.

The 3D office representation:
1. It does make you look small
2. you might want to animate it? I just can't help being a little dissappointed that the button should have made it move

Bigger issues,
1. Are you a web designer or an IT company: somehow there's a discrepancy. I figure your both but I'm kinda left thinking : Are an IT Company +webdesign or are you Web Designers +itcompany - in other words which do you excel at? The text says softco and the design says web design. You need to balance this and its not easy. I had a similar company and I just built two websites. It worked well, we shared the same brand and name.
2. Its very text heavy. A lot of the bullet points you have should probably be separate pages. Granted you offer all of these but will I as a client find the thing I need right now?
I didnt even see the red button until I came back and re read your post here. If you want it as a feature you will need to animate it (though keep it subtle - maybe slight pulsating glow or similar).
In terms of design, it looks like a themeforest template to me, not a bespoke design which it should of course be if you are design based. Of course it could be bespoke, but looks "templatey". Maybe its the Envato logo flashing up as one of your existing clients thats throwing me. Lastly some of the english is incorrect and not reading well... eg. starting from the interface creation (including all the required documentation with project wireframes) till final appearance and all graphic artwork.
and also: Prima Development Group proposes you a full spectrum of web – development services.
and also: that is currently what you are looking for even more.

Dont wish to offend but if I read this as a customer, Id be thinking.... this company is in India or similar. Hope this helps.
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