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Hi folks,

I made an offer to buy an online forum based in ireland. I would create a holding company in the states. But we might rent webspace out from an existing website based in ireland.

Can someone direct me to information regarding legal liability for an online forum hosted in Ireland? I understand that in the states a legal disclaimer by itself is almost sufficient. I assume that we would need insurance.

Our forum has already received a warning from lawyers. Albeit complete nonsense and frivolous. But i understand that frivolous actions still need to be reckoned with.

And if this is posted in the wrong section i apologize. Please move for me.

thanks much,

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A disclaimer won't cover you, as the laws on libel in Europe are very different to those in the US.

If you run a website you are considered the publisher - it doesn't matter if you're not the person who posts the content.


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Thank you, blacknight!

A colleague of mine located in ireland also used the term "publishing" when referencing what is posted on a website. Leads me to believe that the legal definition of "publishing" is part of what is very different between our laws.

Coincidently, i just now happened to learn that the posting of links to other sites can be treated very differently in ireland vs the states. Meaning, as i understand it, legal authorities in ireland have, on occasion, deemed the posting, or "publishing," of links as the sharing of copyrighted material.

Whereas we, in the states, took it that whether links to are posted or not, our webiste is not responsible for any materials hosted on someone else's website.

In any event, i understood that well enough to recognize the need for me to go back and remove some links :D

thanks again
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