Limit of emails is 250 - solution?

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Hi guys;

I work for free with an arts organisation and we have approx 900 on our mailing list, which uses Mailman software. Our email address is on our web hosting service, a fairly basic package with cpanel.

Just a few days ago Mailman software sent us hundreds of emails - one for each on the list - saying the email had bounced and so the subscription was disabled.
Action: Subscription disabled.
Reason: Excessive or fatal bounces.

It turns out that the email newsletter was not sent. The server limits us to 250 emails per hour. So the excess was not sent and Mailman started suspending these emails from the list.

Now what I want to know is, to run our mailing list, will we have to get our own server (or virtual server) as suggested by the hosting service? We would prefer to keep sending them from our @*****.org domain, but could move to gmail if needed.
How do others operate a mailing list with an ordinary web hosting package?




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Hi Aiden,

Have you tried Mailchimp - its a professional (and light hearted) way to send the type of email campaigns that you mention.

I use it for personal use & for cost-sensitive commercial clients who want a professional looking email which doesnt cost the world

Hope this helps!
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