logo critque please

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Could you please give me your thoughts on my logo



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Doesn't work for me ...

font seems a bit too comic ...

Don't really know why just my opinion


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I'd change the design of the apple (maybe change the red colour to something more vibrant) and center the whole thing a bit more. It looks a bit 'lopsided' to the left to me
I think that the apple is the problem. It doesn't look very 2.0 or today or whatever.

I agree with robo, the apple on your site would make a better icon. A flat colour with no blending is very 90s.

Also the colour needs balancing, it makes the logo appear wonky.

If you made it well done. If you paid to get it done, make them improve it.
Logo feedback

You probably got it sorted by now, but my 2cents worth, loose the comic sans-type font and use a simple sans serif - it will benefit greatly. Either way - good luck.


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you could put the apple(heart) instead of V letter. and if you suit that type. it will be looking awesome


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I would suggest changing the lighting, instead of having a blend in the middle moving this to the corner so it looks as though light is hitting it from an angle. I would also make the red brighter so it stands out more.

Hope this helps!
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