Lookbook for Magento 2


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The Lookbook is a magical tool which allows you to create multiple image collections for your products based on the images you upload. What makes this extension so special and unique is that it offers a Pinning option for every image, i.e. you can pin different images for products/ items onto the main image, which ultimately envisages a comprehensive look and feel for the whole set of product as well as the individual items taking up that set. These specialties are undeniably crucial to any shops showcasing fashion items and fashion accessories or whatever stores you name it.


Some of the best features:

  • Bring customers a product collection just with an image
  • Motivate customer to buy product in combo package or inset
  • 2 kinds of pin: product detail and custom text
  • Easily work with the pinned attachment
  • Easily gather lookbooks as a smooth lookbook slider
For more information, you should visit: Lookbook for Magento 2
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