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Magento 2 CMS Pages Navigation is a new extension allowing users to create a menu, in which CMS page can be assigned. A clear navigation helps to control all CMS pages easily at frontend. Just by some simple steps, no coding knowlege required. Discover the new appearance of Magento in a different way!

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How It Works
Just with some simple configuration in backend area, admin can control a various number of menu showing all CMS pages assigned. Site owner can create as many menus as they want with the unlimited number of included pages. The module supports showing menu title which helps to categorize pages in a particular way.

While creating a new menu in backend area, admin can adjust some settings for its name, position (left or right). Admin can also assign pages they want to appear on this menu. Two simple steps bring an eye-ching menu to your page, which makes it easier to optimize customer shopping experience effectively!

CMS Pages Categorization? Problem Solving!
Suppose you have many custom CMS pages but you can not arrange them appropriately. Feeling bored, feeling tired? Comprehending this situation, MGS built this extension as a powerful tool to solve everything in a minute. Your page will be neatly arranged with various specific menus, for your purchasers’ convenience. Look! Your website UX and UI are great now!

Amazing Front-End Appearance
Not only does support categorizing CMS pages as particular purposes, but our extension also decorates your menu in order not to make it boring! Now when your customers come to your site, what they see not just main information at the center, not just wish-list table or compare products, they also see the neatly arranged “menu category tree”, ordered by menu title. Your website appearance now is absolutely great!

Administrator-Friendly Configuration Panel

Designed for those admins who are not familiar with coding, CmsMenu extension contains a separate configuration section. Just some clicks to access it, and some choice with offered settings. Menu title, store-view, status… The administrator will find it easy to adjust the menu as their purposes.
List Of Available Pages To Assign: Clean And Clear
Nothing difficult when you need a can-be-assigned list page. Just find the page(s) you want to add menu, tick, tick, tick, and Save! That’s all you need to do without any discovering effort!

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