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Don't know if anybody has heard about the eircom's web innovation fund worth 100K? Just enter the competition and get cash funding and mentoring

Your website will be hosted on eircom Labs - I am applying myself.


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eircom Labs

I think the link is eircom labs - and all the information is there.


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Here is a formal invitation I received from eircom today....

eircom would like to continue stimulate innovation in the online sector by announcing the second Web Innovation Competition. eircom launched it’s second Annual Web Innovation Fund worth €100,000 to promote, mentor and sponsor innovative web applications in the Irish Internet industry. This year the competition has seven categories:
1. Content (e.g. video, short films, animations, UGC)
2. Movies and TV (e.g. programme recommendations, listings application, information aggregation, content search, fan communities, recommender systems)
3. Games (e.g. Flash games, game communities, platforms, multiplayer games, persistent worlds, avatar-based social networks, game creation tools, ratings, reviews, gambling)
4. News (e.g. personalised news gathering, news aggregation, news submission tools, communities of interest, domain-specific news services)
5. Music (e.g. Internet radio, streaming / OD services, search / recommendations / personalisation, community tools)
6. Sport (e.g. communities, results aggregation, results prediction, betting, games)
7. Widgets (e.g. any widget(s) based on the above or additional categories)

In order to file in the proposals applicants are asked to go to, download the application and forward the completed application to
Four winners will be selected and each winning applicants will get prize worth €25,000 along with additional consultancy, development, training and support from Telecommunications Software & Systems Group (TSSG) These finalists will also be invited to the Golden Spider Awards Golden Spiders 2008 sponsored by eircom - Celebrating Irish Internet Excellence[/url] sponsored by eircom.

Timing of the eircom’s Web Innovation Competition:
Submission starts - 20 February 2009
Submission Deadline - 30th April 2009
Finalist announcement - 29th May 2009
Winners’ services launched on - November 2008

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