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Hi this is my first post so go easy.
A bit about myself. i'm a totally newbie havnt done any webdesign since 98. Currently refreshing skills with a couple of courses at the moment as it looks like i'll be made redundant in 2011 some time.:D
My question is. Is it possible to make a decent living from a portfolio of sites rather than producing sites for Joe Public or should both come hand in hand.
If made redundant i intend to set myself up as a sole trader to avail of the benefits offered from Fas for new start ups i.e. Dole for 2 years dont pay VAT or PRSI for 2 years. this with redundancy funds should be plenty for me to live on.
i Have about 6 sites which i hope to have ready to go by the end of the year, 3 are Ecommerce based and 3 a niche based info/forum based sites.
I would class a decent living at about €3000 a month after the government get there cut. i dont need to be a millionaire.;) So by my reckoning i have about 3 years to generate content get my SEO sorted and maybe sign up for an affiliate program.
I know this is a real how long is a piece of string question but in your opinion is it worth the effort.
Thanks a million


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Yes. Yes, you can do it. I'm sorry to hear about you losing your job but if this is your plan, I have a feeling you will be looking back in a few years time and thinking that it was the best thing that ever happened to you. You're also in the "lucky" position of receiving support while you are doing this.

Words of advice:
Don't buy into the whole get rich quick and ebook affiliate thing.
Stay away from clickbank.
Build sites that are your passion.
Re-invest EVERY PENNY as long as you can.
Go the big conferences, the BIG affiliates don't hang out on forums 24 hours a day or blog about how much money they make.
AdSense is not your friend.
If you're going to use AdWords, but this book: Advanced Google AdWords: Brad Geddes: Books (I learned everything I know at the beginning from this guy and will be blogging about how important this book is soon.
Sign up for this email "series" Internet Marketing for Smart People | Copyblogger and print out every "issue".
Personal connection matter.... a lot more than you think.

In fact, I'm going to do a blog post about this...

Good luck!


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Thanks a million for the great reply ill check out those links and hopefully you'll hear more from me in the future.



Which affiliate conferences do you recommend? I'm in it about a year but stalled for last three months; reckon I need to invest in hearing/seeing what people outside Ireland are doing.

Thanks, Alerner
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