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Ok, but are you getting traffic from it?

I've checked a couple of my sites and keywords / phrases and the rankings are very different


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not really.

just some stats for the last day:

Google: 595
Yahoo: 71
unknown: 42
MSN: 18
and that's the stats for the last 36 hours

as for the last month:

Google: 10446
Yahoo: 1036
unknown: 561
MSN: 360

and as you can see Google is the master, despite the fact that i get better results from both yahoo and msn search engines, while Google has me on a lower position and No I wasn't running AdSense.


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Yes, keep your content regularly updated and get lots of backlinks

that sounds obvious and every search engine needs that but MSN is easy. Any kind of links will put you right up there. they dont seem to operate any trust rank issues like Google re domain age. (links of any kind - recip, footer, blogspam).I get some reasonable traffic from MSN UK but im not sure who uses MSN IE
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