Microsoft Advertising To Change Trademark Policy

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Microsoft's advertising network sent this out earlier this evening:

We are writing to alert you to some pending changes to the trademark policy within the Microsoft Advertising adCenter Intellectual Property Guidelines. Starting March 3, 2011, adCenter will no longer review trademark keyword complaints. However, adCenter will continue to investigate brand owner complaints related to trademark use in ad text.

We want to make it easier for you to manage your search advertising campaigns. By aligning the adCenter trademark policy with the current industry standard, we hope to help simplify your marketing efforts across the various online advertising programs. Please take a moment to review our updated trademark policy in the Intellectual Property Guidelines so that you may prepare for this change. If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact our support teams.

Thank you for using adCenter.


The Microsoft Advertising adCenter team

So they're basically taking the same line as Google with respect to trademarks and other intellectual property rights


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So it seems. Interesting move (given the complaints by Google re: copying their indexed data) but unfortunate for Trademark owners who will have to take these goliath's to court if they want the protection they thought they'd been afforded. We all know you don't take Microsoft to court and win easily...
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