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I've purchased the Medius Hosting plan with a view to moving our site. After logging in and looking at the directory structure, I've hit a slight snag. The directory structure looks like this

  • log
  • temp
  • webspace
    • certs
    • cgi-bin
    • conf
    • error_docks
    • httpdocs
    • httpsdocs
    • pd
    • siteapps
    • webapps
    • webstat
    • webstatssl

I'm supposed to build the site in the "" folder. I've tried to install "Profile Manager Premium 3.0" in the "" folder but it won't run. It seems that blacknight wont allow you to run cgi scripts unless they are in the cgi-bin and there is no cgi-bin in the "" folder. The problem is that if I put PMP 3.0 in the cgi-bin I cant reach it from my browser (or can I)


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Go into the Web Space tab, then click Website Configuration, then click CGI-bin on the tab at the top of the page. It gives you full instruction there.#

if you still need a hand, give me a shout. Or do what I do all the time, and email
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