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Hi my site was appearing on page 2 or 3 for related searches words, which I was delighted about! I decided to do some work on my SEO to see if I could improve this further. I took a course on SEO and implemented advice given.

I worked on my sitemap and on my SEO settings and I left maybe 10 blog comments on relevant sites (no spamming). I'm really concerned because I obviously done something to the site to have it flagged somehow. I'm don't work in SEO and I'm not 100% sure of what I'm doing. Its for my own site and company.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

this is my site Wedding Video | Videographer | Wedding Videographer | Wedding Videos Ireland


Links from sites like Nagpur Website Designing India Website Designing by Shruti Web Services and Videography / Photography | Business Listings and that level quality probably don't help. You don't really have many links to the site.

Do you have joomla installed twice ? Somehow these are both in the index

hope that helps


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If you have been doing seo, that quite normal. Don't panic. Your site will bounce back and probably to the first page. Try and vary your anchor text in your backlinks. Almost all of them are using your url and about 30% are missing. Your keyword density for wedding is about 3.6% which is borderline but ok.
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