Need Online Presence for Music Video Promotion


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Hi guys, Trousersnake here (some of you might have seen my hilarious music video :)

Anyway, My very first music video has been released my very first Music Video a few weeks ago and suprisingly they are not going to show it on the republic of telly which is one of the main reasons why i'm on this forum. I am **** when it comes to building websites and have even gone so far as building a very basic website in Weebly. Here it is....The Irish Dream (Trouser Snake "Superstar") - Home i know, it sucks! So anyway is there anyone on here who would give me a quote on a 1-2 page website and how much would it cost to make my video go viral, like get a **** load of peeps so i can continue making these videos with lots of hot girls in them :D





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Hi Trousersnake lol cool video. I'm an online marketing consultant I could build a little website for you for a couple of hundred bucks (I've just checked and is available) then from your facebook fan page I'd create an ad targeting 15-30 yr olds and maybe start a Google adsense account to maximise it's online visibility. I'm out of the office now to about 2 o clock but give me a call any time after that if you think this is what you're after. (074) 9321650 or 0860753305. Cheers.
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