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Hi Gayle

The website could do with a lot of work to be honest.

1. When you land it is hard to tell what the site is about and the logo is pretty poor
2. It actually looks like a spam site as there are mixed messages throughout
3. Lose the counter at the bottom that is very 90s

If I was you I would get a proper design or layout done and simplify your message and structure the site in a clearer way. The E-Book link would scare me away straight away with the pop up message. I have looked at it for several minutes and I am still not clear what it is supposed to do.

This site isn't going to help you unfortunately.



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its not to bad to be honest but very easy to lose interest after the first 10 secs ,

dont mean to knock your hard work ,

there is a lot of web software and free ones out there that will provide you with a much more interesting website ,


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If you're learning html etc, then well done, good job.

If you want something that looks professional and might make some money by selling ebooks then I suggest you get wordpress and a professional theme for something like 50 dollars.
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