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Hello all....

I have a site that is targeting a certain trade, lets say the insurance trade. The site is doing quite well (I think), set up last summer and had around 15000 hits in January. It's mainly a news based website about the trade. There are some adverts but all content is provided free of charge to the end user, ie. there is no subscription or paid for information. The site upkeep is paid for through advertising.

The site is running Wordpress (3.3.1).

The next thing I'd like to do is add some sort of news feed from Google News if I can. The content the site has currently is all published in-house (both self writtin and taken from press releases etc) and obviously we don't pick up all the news. Even then, it's mostly Irish based. I'd like to maybe use Google News with a few keywords to create an RSS feed for the site. So my questions are:
  1. Google states that the News feed can't be used on commerical sites. Does my site constitute "commerical" even though the content is free of charge to the end user. Also note that the is a periodic magazine that accompanies the website.
  2. If I can use Google News, can I only display headlines which link to the article owners website or is it possible (legal) to actually consume the content into our website but give credit to the author and possibly a link to the owners website? While I like the idea of displaying a news feed, I'm actually concerned about driving traffic away from the website. I think there's a Wordpress plugin called FeedWordpress or similar that might do the job but I'm wondering about the legality of it.
  3. If I can't do the above with Google News, is there another option?
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