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What is Oddsfutures.com?

Oddsfutures allows its users to “bet on the betting” and not on the outcome of sporting events, to profit from predicting the market instead of winners.
On Oddsfutures.com, users profit by correctly predicting the direction of horse odds. It’s the ideal way for knowledgeable punters to make money on a competitive pro sports event without betting.
Let’s take the example of a €1,000 stake @ 10.0. If you Sell and the price moves out to 11.0, your profit is €90.91. If you buy and the price moves into 9.0 then you win €111.11.
Oddsfutures.com is a unique sports sentiment marketplace allowing you to take advantage of fluctuations in betting markets. The difference is, rather than having to buy a bet and wait around to “sell out” as you would on a betting exchange, on Oddsfutures you’re automatically settled out at the Oddsfutures settlement price.
You could be earning commission just by referring your visitors to Oddsfutures.com

Simply visit Oddsfutures Affiliates to register, and start earning straight away.

Why promoting Oddsfutures?
We have a variety of deals available for affiliates and people helping us spread the word about Oddsfutures. Remember that players on Oddsfutures have longer player retention cycles than your average sports book player. We are also now accepting US customers.
To kick off we are offering you a selection of deals:

Revenue Share - Commission only
Pays 30% lifetime net Rev. Share
Pays 35% lifetime net Rev Share when generated revenues exceed €1000

€10 CPA up to 100 new users
€15 per account over 100 user accounts
€25 per account over 200 user accounts
€30 per account over 300 user accounts

Hybrid CPA + Rev share
- 20% lifetime rev share + €5 CPA
- 25% lifetime Rev Share when generated net revenues exceed €1000 + €10 CPA for over 100 players
- 30% lifetime Rev Share when generated net revenues exceed €5000 + €15 CPA for over 200 players

Subaffiliate commissions also available
level 2; 10% net revenue share
level 3; 5% net revenue share
level 4; 2% net revenue share
level 5; 1% net revenue share

To boost registrations, we are now offering €20 free credit for all new players referred to us.

Oddsfutures will fund new customer accounts €20.00, get yours now.

€20 will be credited to the accounts of all new registrations (no credit card or payment needed). Users can withdraw their profits only. One player, one account. Credit will run out after 30 days.

Click to Start earning today!

Please post your questions or if you need more info.



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This is a video with a bit more info on what it is about:

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