pimping your sites for xmas...

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That is well cool ! The thing is I wonder will your customers notice ?

I tried to add a santa hat to my canibal but it didn't really work out.


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Nicely done Dave. I was thinking about replacing my banner with a nice snow scene for Christmas but didn't in the end. I think one good thing about it is it makes the site look more live, more active, changing with the season which is a good thing, plus it's fun! :) Maybe I'll try and put something together.


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I wouldn't be bother this year. I am too busy at the moment and have no time for this, but to be honest I don't think users actually notice anything.

Very nice Dave - I like what you did to yours...


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Cheers lads. I had a spare hour between meetings and decided I'd do it this year. It was fun actually! I like my snowman! :D


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The only thing I've done so far is add some snow effects on the main page of a few sites / blogs
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