Postgraduate diploma in online marketing and advertising or affiliate marketing?

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I have a question.
Is it a sense to pay 2000eurous for postgraduate diploma in online marketing and advertising or better use that one year and money making my own affiliate business or some similar online earning stuff???

I cant decide to take that course in fitzwilliam institute or no, I just do not know is it possible to find full time job similar in that niche and how high employer rates postgraduate diploma in that school, what is your opinion to make my decision more easier?

I have diploma in internet marketing from Dublin Business School, but as I understand it is only basics and no one will hire me with that diploma. I paid 1400 eurous to get that diploma but after I realize that learning online from forums and video lessons I can learn more than attending course.

Any ideas and advices?

Thank you in advance.


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I would say it would be really hard to give a definite yes or no to this (although, someone might want to give the course the full thumbs up).

It took me 6/7 years to learn my "basics" - so you can work out the time cost of that.

I think that many people give out "information" online about online marketing for the following reasons:

  1. Many people want to work online/sell online - so they get advertising revenues from putting this up there
  2. Many people think that's what people search for - so they put it up there to be popular/found/start conversation
  3. Most of its regurgitated - rather than generate their own content, its easier to rewrite someone else's
  4. Much of it is grossly innacurate. Some examples: length of description to keywords tages, keyword density calculations, just adding content is the best for SEO, fresh content always works - these are all wrong for a host of reasons I dont have to time to go into (but can later)
If I was a betting man, I'd go for having to do both. There's nothing that says "hey, I'm good at online marketing because I've sold online".

There are companies in Ireland selling online marketing that have clearly learnt from reading the smallest amount of free online nonsense they can get away with and its blatantly obvious.

There is no quick answer. If you really want to sell online -v- convince someone you can, its a lot of hard word.

Read Michele's/Blacknights blogs - see the effort that they put into their channels. Its isn't a replacement for hard work - its just a new place to put in hard work.


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I cant decide to take that course in fitzwilliam institute or no
Hi, I'm not sure of the exact course your doing in the Fitzwilliam IT. I did the h.dip nights course 2 years ago in Digital marketing in the fitzwilliam institute. (I've never wokred for an online company). Although saying that, I recently set up an online dating webiste. If I hadn't studied with Fitzwilliam I wouldn't have the skills to market the website. Obviously I have an interest in online marketing as well. I'd say were pretty similar in terms of education.

Here's a good thought.. There's not many jobs out there so this is a great time to upskill. Get the best of both worlds. Study in the Fitzwilliam and set yourself up online. That way you can study & use the course for leaning and getting free advise about your online project. When I was there we always used to reference students website and make recommendations on that.

I don't know much about affiliate business but I'd say your budget of 2K is very low. (I don't think you'd get much distance with it in terms of advertising & marketing).

I'm currently studying to get Google Certified - This is an online course run by google focusing on online advertising. There are 4 parts > fundamentals, adwords, display & analytics. Must do fundamentals and one other course. Courses are only $50 each. If your looking for a job I think "Google Certified" will look more attractive on a CV than any diploma from a college.

Best of Luck:)
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