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We'd like to invite You to test Our new InText Ads Program, called:

For a good start me made a spring bonus promo - every new
registered Publishers will get $10 free added to their income. We've
just started tests so We'd appreciate ANY suggesions, bugs reports

Some info:
1. Payouts on every 2nd workind day of each month.

2. Min Payout amount $100. Payouts via PalPal, Epassporte, and wire
transfers, but soon we gonna also provide payouts by checks.

3. We take only 20% commision for every valid click, so Publisher gets
80% payout revenue... also You'll get 5% of Your referrals income.

4. Bids for US traffic from $0.1 up to few $$ per click for gamebling
or pharmacy keywords. Bids for UK or Canada fraffic are much lower
but still good enought. After registration You can find a Keyword tool
and check each keyword Yourself. If the keyword isnt in Our primary
feed db You can use "request" link.

5. We do not accept Adult sites and other sites which do not satisfy
Our Terms of Use needs. But besides adult sites, there's really
thin chance site will be rejected.

We'll consider every of Yours suggestions, and do Our best to improve
Q2Click. Thanks for the attantion ;) and hope to see You soon.

PS. After filling the registration form, please give Us up to 48
hours, to review Your website, becouse We check each site manually, in
order to eliminate the sites which do not fill the need of TOS.

Kind regards,


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Better in text provider

Even with this tempting promo…I still find Infolinks to be the
best in text provider. Infolinks pays much higher revenues than any other provider and that's what imporatant to me!!
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