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Looking for recommendations for an SEO person to do SEO work on a site, link building, campaign management, etc.

Already know of Richard and Dave so anyone else people could recommend?




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Well the following are all established players.... Diginomarketing Interactivereturn NetAffinity Clientwell Ringjohn Akamarketing


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And what's with the Google Adwords Company logo?

If you aren't qualified to show that logo then I suggest you take that down sometime soon. Dont think Google would be too happy with you otherwise...
Is there a list of Irish companies / businesses with the qualification?


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According to :: View topic - Pay per click You have over 50 clients? That's some fantastic going!

So let's say 25 accounts each for you and your boyfriend/girlfriend. I would recommend ANYONE who could easily (and successfully) manage that volume of accounts by themselves.

With all due respect, I do question the validity of your qualified company status. If I were you, I would link to the validation page.


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Prove it. :rolleyes:
lolz, they are pr0, and where the heck are they on google? The site has some nice 404s from homepage (professionals ;)), oh and they have some hell-a-misleading claims...

e.g getting a client to #1 on google from 2.2 mill (not exactly hard).. did they mention that this was on <- biiiig difference between 1st on and .ie... Why does the screengrab show the site in question on 3rd spot? (oh but they got to number 1 for ireland golf. splendid! I bet that was tough.)

If you are so good, where is your company on google for say "Search engine optimisation ireland" or "SEO ireland"
(even my site irelandseo is there on page one of, in erm about 10 weeks).. your .sig on here isn't exactly doing you any SEO favours either imo.

The fact that you are not on the first page for the most elementary kewords pertaining to your own biz is pretty unimpressive. it's hard to bull**** the boys and girls on IWF though. some of us have black belts in SEO - [does karate chop]

as theMenace above says, prove it... show us what you got :)


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as theMenace above says, prove it... show us what you got :)
I don't know that much about SEO - it's not core business and I don't sell it as a service (I tend to outsource any work that comes in) and I'm still sure that I know ten times more about it than these sh1tehawks. You know it's time for a career move when the cowboys far outnumber the professionals.


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lol @ "****ehawks".
and of course u do ken - when you fly with eagles, you can fly higher than turkeys. =)

I still want this guy to post some of his S.E Ownage- little amuses the innocent.
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