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Are you enthusiastic about all things web related? Consider yourself a bit of an expert in your field? Short of cash after Christmas?

If you answer YES to any of those questions, then you might be interested in putting yourself forward to be an English language reviewer for the Webbys.

The Webbys is THE awards ceremony for the internet - taking place in New York in June, it's regarded as the Oscars of the web world. Nominations are closed and they need to recruit web experts from around the world to review the nominations before they go to the Academy.

This is paid work and more info is available here: Brightspark Consulting Blog

Or you can just apply online directly: The Webby Awards Entry Review

Good luck, and enjoy!


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Not a whole lot:

Select from the following levels:
Tera: $350 for 225 points*
Giga: $200 for 150 points*
Flex: $1 per point*
* The point system is simple:

4 Points for an Integrated Marketing Campaign
3 Points for Websites, Film & Video entries, Advertising Campaigns
1 Point for Advertising Singles
That would take quite some time to earn something decent, wouldn't it?


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love not money

It works out about 20 USD per hour - assuming 5-10 mins is spent on each site and you do 5-10 sites per hour. And the min you can sign up for I think is 50 sites.

This is not going to make a dent in your mortgage, but from the point of view of actively reviewing the world's best websites, it's a good investment of time. It's definitely one to do out of love, not money.


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I'll apply. I think it would be good get some fresh ideas too. Oh, and brightspark, nice to see you posting on your blog again!

(Also nice to see some ladies on the board) ;)


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No - round 1 of Webbys reviewing needs to be completed by 19 Feb. So you can still apply. I definitely think it's a great way to look at work that people are proud of . . . you wouldn't enter your site unless you thought it was pretty special. Expose yourself to other people's standards of what's good. . . and you never know, you might be pleasantly surprised and feel that your work is better! If that's the case, make sure you enter the Webbys next year.

(And thank you Redfly for the welcome - blog is back again cos I'm now back from my 5 week holiday :D)
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