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As you Search Marketers all know: SEM is all about the right bids, on the right keywords with the right targeting and at the right time. In short, it is about bidding right.

We have developed Bid Right specifically for professional search marketers who need to keep control over every aspect of their keyword campaigns and base their decisions on their own specific and genuine data.

Fine-tuning ROI or CPA on keyword campaigns usually implies lots more than a simple cost vs revenue scheme.

It sometimes implies that:

-1) revenue can come from impressions, clicks, leads, sales, commissions... or a combination of any.
-2) sales, leads or commissions can see their status change along the way: pending, approved, cancelled, declined...
-3) visitors can convert on multiple advertisers (usually from a publisher standpoint).
-4) bank or exchange rates are usually specific to every search marketer.
-5) bid management algorithms or rules cannot possibly take everything into account (TV exposure, weather conditions, news...)

Whether you are working as a publisher or affiliate, whether you work in an SEM agency and look after many clients, or whether you are an advertiser with an in-house search marketing team, Bid Right has a solution for you.
Bid Right will empower you to:

  • quickly identify both over and under performing keywords across the board of multiple accounts.
  • quickly amend bids according to actual verified data whilst keeping control on the corrections made.
  • plug and play into your own tracking and/or reporting and/or editor system(s).
Check out the information on Search Marketing Bid Management Software Solution | Bid Right - SEM Optimizer and feel free to contact our support or sales teams.

What's more, you'll be offered a 3 months free trial if you quote IWMF as your referrer!

Looking forward to hearing from you.
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