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Hi Sean, it all depends on what you are looking for, are you looking for someone who deals with large multinationals or someone who's a bit more niche ?


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Also you might want to think about what you want the SEO company to do for you and how much you are willing to invest in it.


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You remember how the Internet was a really simple thing, all those old Geocities and Angelfire pages that you could set up for peanuts? It started getting a little bit complicated afterwards, but it was still at a manageable level – you kind of built your website, put up a little bit about who you are, what you do and what your business is, and people found it!
There wasn't that much to find, and things were really simple. If you wanted to advertise, you put a simple picture on the side of your website with the necessary, and that was that.
Things sure changed in the last 6, 3 years. They changed so much in the last year alone that it has been really difficult to keep up!
Do any of you know what SEO is? It stands for Search Engine Optimization, basically it's about how to get your site higher up in Google, like on the second or first page. But jeez, do these guys have some complicated sorcery about how to do that. They have all sorts of things going that I've never heard about – “linkjuice”, “backlinks”, talking about “Penguin this” and “Panda that” (it turns out these last two are updates Google made to its search engine that make it harder for sites to get on the first pages of Google).
The worst thing was, my website – which has been one of my main sources of business for the last 10 years or so – was kicked down the google search lists A LOT. I mean, before it used to be on the bottom of the first page, but then it dropped all the way to page 15. That sucked, and I wasn't getting e-mails or orders anymore. The brave new digital world, huh? A computer geek friend of mine(who repaired the hardware, but didn't know much about the internet and stuff) said that I should check out Supremacy SEO and this guy called Travis, who had apparently helped him in a similar situation. I had nothing to lose, really, and lots to gain – my old spot back on the Google search results! - so I e-mailed this guy, and he was really polite and professional. He sounded like he really knew what he was doing, and I appreciate the fact that he didn't try to promise me the world or anything. He said he could get my site back up – it might take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months, but that it definitely could be fixed. You just had to know the right way how to build “backlinks” and all sorts of stuff like that. And I was still pretty hesitant at this point, but I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. What can I say? A month and a half later, my truck part and interior business is back up on the first two pages of Google! So I really recommend Travis, he's a great guy, he has really fair prices, and he's great at communicating in a simple way what the problem is and what needs to be done. Give him a try! :)
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