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Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by Rubel Super, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. Rubel Super

    Rubel Super New Member

    I like Freelancing but I am new in this I need some help
    please help me anybody
    Please provide me a good buyer link
  2. zakir500

    zakir500 New Member

    SEO is best to get ranking in google.
  3. jayfin

    jayfin New Member

    What do you mean by "a good link buyer"?

    Are you proposing to buy links? If so stop right now and get yourself another career
  4. onlinershub

    onlinershub New Member

    SEO as career like an SEO Specialist is a very challenging profession. This is a career that only you know how to do the stuff. You cannot learn this from school, it's only by your experience that you can fully understand it. Your professional fee is unimaginable!
  5. widere85

    widere85 New Member

    I do agree with you @onlinershub ;)
  6. Dapalask

    Dapalask New Member

    agree also))

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