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Hi, looking for some advice about frist few steps in SEO for this kind of sites.
I have my online shop from last 3 months , try to find something about SEO but as you it will take time to build some knowledge in this field.
At the moment I adding site to directories , have a blog, and I am on few forums.
What else can i do to build my positions in Google.
I reading this forum every day and sometime have no idea what's in the post ,hope in next few months i'll be able to understand some of more experienced users.
I have a lot of respect for people who have some big knowledge, and hope they can write some tips for my beggining with SEO.

( and sorry for my english)


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I would take a step back.

Look at the page seo and usability first. For example:

Is the page designed and written in a search engine friendly way?
Have you carried out extensive keyword research and then implemented appropriate meta-tags and incorporated into content appropriately.
Have you got tip top, unique content?
Have you submitted your site to webmaster tools?
Have you uploaded a sitemap?
Do visitors interact with the content they find.

Nail all the on page stuff first before you move on to the off page stuff.

Good luck!


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I agree with stoffa , I would also do a competitor analysis and look at the usability of your webstore. Good user experience = good seo.

The better your webstore is the more often your visitors are likely to return but also share your website both online/offline.


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Hi Kulesz,
Good luck with the business. I also have an online shop I started about three years ago and if you are anything like me you are about to embark on a steep learning curve. You tend to learn something new everyday. I completely agree with the other posts by stoffa and paddym and begin at the roots of the site.
Webmaster tools and sitemap 100% vital.
Then start using google keyword tool to research what search terms people are using to find products which you sell.
Then ensure all pages on your site are title tagged. For example if one of the things you are selling is an umbrella and your target market is Ireland this might be "Buy umbrellas online Ireland"
Then there is the meta description tag (maximum characters should be 140) and in this instance it might be something like. "This stylish large red umbrella will keep help you stay dry from the rain in Ireland"
Then there is keywords (some people say google ignores them now but I'm not 100% convinced)
In this instance your keywords might be umbrellas ireland, buy umbrellas online, buy large umbrella, red umbrella.
Move on to the next page and do the same thing!


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this is great info lads and exactly what ive been looking for

ive had the very same problen with my site (Ireland) Home of the best Irish country music & Irish traditional Music CD's & DVD's

im on page one of google for my keyword in ireland but page sixteen! in the UK
this is a real pain as my site is kind of targeted to both area's

Im guessing if you buy a version of your domain name, it will have no effect of the ranking?
I think there's something you can do with redirects that might help? I don't know for sure but someone might be able to advise...
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