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Just posting to see my avatar - now it matches my Twitter account - the sun in Cork does this to your skin (or is it lack of sun).


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My bad.. I didn't read your private message beforehand.. Thanks blacknight for immediately answering my query..


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So how many posts/threads to get a siggy???

I have been writing some rather full posts and threads for a number of hours now, and looking forward to seeing my siggy alive. I have not seen a number mentioned yet, but 15-20 has been mentioned.

Getting there!

After 15 posts, I am starting to not know what to say. But it certainly has been a good break from normal client work.

Just a little slow getting access to the pages via New Zealand.


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Its the magical 20 posts, and sig shows

I am now at 20 posts/threads, and my sig is showing.

It has taken a good number of hours to make some real good posts and threads.

I trust that the advice and insight that I have given has been valuable. The posts are all original. And a welcome distraction from normal business.


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I base my Sig on the forum I am registered on.

If its PC Support forum then my sig contain's stuff like:
WinXP Pro / Gigabyte M59SLI-S5 / 2GB DDR2 (and so on)

It makes life easier and reduces the (What are you running) question.


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How to add the signature

Yeah, I know the signature is important, But i am not sure how to add my signature to the web. Can you help me to figure this out>? I haven't seen there is "edit signature"button at the user control panel. What should I do?


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Hey enjouy]]], you need to post a number of posts before you can get a signature and avataar. I don't think a number has been provided. This way spamming is minimized, and the quality of the forum improves.
PS-you can tell I read the rules since this is posted in English or Irish. I was wondering if I could write in Canadian you know eh? or will I get banned eh?
Cheers, Pete


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Maybe I'm being thick, or maybe it's cos I haven't posted in ages and ages.
I do have a signature, but I don;t have the option to change it (It's well out of date).


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Hmmm. Must be missing something, as I've been a member for a number of years, yet the signature now no longer accepts html or BB.


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Hmmm. Must be missing something, as I've been a member for a number of years, yet the signature now no longer accepts html or BB.
I'm going to have to tweak settings - the site was moved and upgraded etc., a few months ago and it looks like there are still a couple of outstanding issues.
I'm away on business this week so hopefully I'll get to it when I get back
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