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Dear publishers,

I would like to announce that a New Performance Based Network has now been launched in Ireland - Simpl Performance (Simpl).

Simpl are based in Dublin and are the only Affiliate Network with a local presence in Ireland.

We will be taking a proactive & flexible approach to both our Publishers and our Clients while also providing dedicated account managers.

Simpl is more than just an Affiliate Network we will also be looking at our publishers in a broader performance view, offering publisher monetisation advise wherever needed.

We offer a number of performance metrics (CPA, CPC, CPL) and operate with a cookie-less tracking solution to improve your conversions.

We have now gone live with Carlton Hotels & with O2 & O2 Money due to go live early next week. We will have further clients to announce in the next week including a great CPL offer from Bank of Ireland.

If you want to check out our campaigns please visit our site at Performance advertising - Simpl Performance

You can also email us on:


Staff member

Interesting to see someone trying to enter this space in the Irish market again.
Best of luck with it!

A couple of queries:
What's your minimum payout?
How do you pay out?


Hi Michele,

Thanks for the interest in Simpl.

Our Minimum Payout is €30 and this would be paid Monthly on an Arrears Basis.

Hope this Helps,
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