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Hi Richard,

First off, good luck to you and your partners with your new business.

Regarding your website:

I'd remove the Google ads from the site, they won't inspire real customers and you won't make any money from them.
Blue linked text on dark gray is difficult to read.
'Before We Begin' - personally I'd introduce this later in the sales funnel, after the one-on-one presales has been completed.
Banner graphic etc. - Overall your site would benefit from input from a web designer regarding visuals.
Load time - the site loads quickly
I like your team profile page, but would be good to have more information on each persons years in the industry, achievements and so on.

Hope that helps Richard.


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The site is really bad. This isn't professional and looking at the social media accounts attached to it, neither is the service on offer.

Wanting to be a social media manager doesn't make you one. From your tweets, lack of engagement and the website itself, its a clear case of "what you don't know is much, much larger than what you do know"
Not open for further replies.
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