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Hi, first post on here. Ive had the site running now for 3 months and its done well.

Looking to make it as user friendly as possible.

Buildt using Dreamweaver, and a little of my own code knowledge.

Image slideshow on opening page is terrible, but dont know how to make a basic one without the flash programme.

Any advice would be most welcome.




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Thanks for everyones input.

AdWords is in because a close friend (Google employee) recommended it. It hasnt worked, and I will take it down. However, competitors have been carefully censored from it, so that has never come up. (we dont offer wedding bands)

Will take a look at fadeshow, and see if I can impliment it.

Thanks a lot!


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AdWords > Probably is a good idea ; AdSense - almost definitely not - plus you'd need a lot of traffic to make any money from it - >1k visits a day.
Certainly Sacredsounds, basically when your images are rotating, if you hover the mouse of the first two images that appear you will see they are hyperlinked and upon click take you to which is pointless and leaking off your site too. Maybe consider also Lightbox as far as a Gallery option is concerned.

I agree with Sphynx in terms of the design. All too often the same mistakes are made when thinking layout, we try to be too clever where as if its a commercial site as yours is (unlike a Hobby site where you can practice your design interests) you need to remember potential customers are coming along and are only interested in getting the information with as little effort as possible and then leave. So keep any bells and whistles for less important sites until you build up design experience.

Let me show you a great example of simplicity Reknit

Hope some of this is of help to you.
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