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I recently completed an eCommerce site, using Webflow. The client has a friend who has been reviewing it (not sure why he didn't ask this friend to build it in the first place). Using WebPageTest - Website Performance and Optimization Test – the site security rating is 'D'. Because the site has been built using Webflow, it seems like it's limited what I can do to improve on this rating.

See attached screenshot.
Can anyone recommend what I can do to improve this rating? Thanks


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That's bizarre
The screenshot you shared seems to be focussed on HSTS, which is definitely not a requirement.
I'd also wonder what other criteria they're looking at, though I can't see it clearly from the screenshot you shared. There should be more factors than the ones showing, as they're both pretty low
Can you share the link to the full results? If you'd prefer not to post it publicly please PM it to me

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