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If you use the following procedure you'll become a lean mean constant content machine, and never run out of new ideas for your website.

Here's how this simple success system works.

1) Create a new email address.

2) Create a folder within your email program.

3) Set up a filter in your email program so that all email received at this email address will be routed to that folder in your email program.

4) Find the quality sites that are available on your topic and subscribe to them using the special email address.

5) If you prefer, you can use an RSS reader to accomplish the same thing.

To find your competitors, look for directories or "top lists" that specialize in your topic.

As just one example, do a search for the "Nature Blog Network" (not my site), a top list service containing links to over 1700 leading nature sites. Sites like this can drop much of the research you need to do right in to your lap.

Obviously, you don't want to simply copy and paste content your competitors have published in to your own site. Be smart, professional, successful, and respected, and just say no to copy and paste plagarism, that is, theft.

However, you can react to your competitor's content in a variety of ways that are perfectly legitimate and will add value to what they've written.

- You can review your competitor's content.

- You can praise it.

- You can discuss it.

- You can debate it.

- You can expand on it.

- You can use their content as inspiration for your own content ideas.

- Use your imagination, and learn as you go.

Be generous, and link to whatever site has inspired your article. This is a good way to develop peer relationships that can sometimes be really helpful to your site's success.

Doing this research will help you understand who your competitors are, and what they're doing. You can learn from their success.

Subscribing to your competitor's sites will feed you an inexhaustible supply of new content ideas. Any time you're wondering what to write about, just open that folder in your email program or RSS reader, and all the inspiration and ideas you need will be sitting there waiting for you.

If find you've got writer's block, take the week off, and use it to set up your own content idea machine. Subscribe your way to success. Once you do, you'll never run out of things to write about again.

PS: Each new page you create on your site becomes one more way for people to find your site in the search engines. So becoming a lean mean constant content machine is good marketing too.
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