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Not sure if this is in the correct category but anyway.

Im just wondering if anyone else has seen the invitation to Tender on eTenders.gov.ie for PresedentialElection.ie and Referendum.ie (Same Tender).
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I am just curious to see what kind of interest it is getting. Even though it was only posted yesterday I heard that it is generating some good interest but I'd like to confirm this myself.

Also what sort of price would you charge for the described job?

Im not bidding on this by the way as it requires more people than I have at my resource. I do notice that the Tender does permit people teaming up if anyone's interested.
(^^That may be against the rules of the forum so I apologise if so).


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Could probably bid for it myself, rates would be difficult to figure including support but prob 10-25k if coping with civil service bore factors!

All public tenders require full revenue tax clearance, a proven track record or proof of skills and generally... nearly always... being the lowest price
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